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Here’s How to Implement a Bioretention Best Management Practice

Here’s How to Implement a Bioretention Best Management Practice

If your Bay Area commercial landscaping has recently been impacted by weather-related water runoff, FloraTerra offers a storm water landscaping repair service with a difference.

We can help you introduce a Bioretention Best Management Practice (BMP) that will protect your property far into the future.

As experts in implementing bioretention strategies that are ideal to mitigate future stormwater issues, we can not only restore the beauty of your green areas but also help you establish a strong and cost-effective bioretention plan that offers multi-faceted return.

If that sounds like it’s something that should be high on your agenda, read on to find out more about how we’ll get it done.

How Will a Bioretention BMP Benefit My Property?

For commercial, residential, and industrial property managers, bioretention BMPs can be a valuable way to manage and treat stormwater.

This important resource in the toolkit used by commercial landscape design companies that unlock higher returns is not only useful for stormwater management, but also for safeguarding the quality of groundwater and elevating property aesthetics.

A bioretention BMP helps to remove pollutants from runoff through organic filtration via physical and biological treatment processes.

It can be implemented within median strips, parking lot islands, retention basins, and bioswales on your property, for seamless and enhancing integration.

This approach is perfect for maintaining highly attractive outdoor spaces with vibrant but functional landscaping that always ensures a great impression.

How Does Bioretention Work?

To the untrained observer, bioretention areas simply look like fantastic landscape design. However, it is the makeup of these installations that creates the desired effect.

Bioretention zones usually consist of grass buffer strips, specific plants and trees, engineered soils, organic layers of mulch, and ponding areas.

Together, these features reduce the velocity of water runoff, provide filtration, and allow absorption into the soil.

During this process, which occurs over a period of days, particulate pollutants such as nitrogen, metals, phosphorus, and hydrocarbons are lifted from runoff thanks to adsorption, filtration, plant uptake, microbial activity, decomposition, sedimentation, and volatilization (EPA, 1999).

For the bioretention area to do this wonderful work, your trusted bioretention landscape company will provide periodic monitoring and maintenance to support optimal aeration and infiltration rates.

Implementing a Bioretention Area

An experienced Bay Area commercial landscape contractor will install bioretention zones when planting conditions are at their most favorable, providing the essential care necessary during the early establishment period for plants, trees, and shrubs.

It is common practice to implement a shrub-to-tree ratio of 2:1 to 3:1 for bioretention, while the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Plant Guide provides an excellent framework for further considerations.

In the planning stage of your Bioretention BMP, your commercial landscape designer will examine the site layout to inform whether landscape grading or a gutter collection system will be necessary to achieve the desired result.

With the right angles, water can be directed across your property without damage, and an experienced commercial landscape maintenance company for bioretention and bio-swales will be able to achieve this while bringing your landscaping to life with fantastic aesthetics.

Stunning layers of shady trees, elegant shrubs, and attractive perennial groundcover can be applied to create enticing green spaces that are multi-functional.

The addition of mulch will enhance bioretention performance while also reducing maintenance costs.

Meanwhile, your HOA and condominium landscape designer will consult a regional landscaping manual alongside the EPA Best Management Practice for Bioretention and Stormwater to ensure that all requirements established by the local authorities are met.

What About Commercial Landscape Maintenance for Bioretention and Bioswales?

Your commercial and HOA landscape service for bioretention will be able to advise you on ongoing maintenance costs for your unique property.

However, the good news is that this landscaping strategy usually requires only a modest budgetary increase over conventional commercial landscaping, allowing for factors such as soil pH regulation, erosion repair at inflow points, and soil replacement in the case of very high-pollutant stormwater areas.

Here at FloraTerra Landscape Management in San Jose Ca, we’re proud to be a commercial landscape company evolving with new technology, so you can expect to see a proactive and contemporary approach to biannual assessments of the maintenance needs of your bioretention landscaping, plus the capacity to track our work order progress in real-time.

In addition, as a commercial and HOA Landscaping Company that prioritizes safety, we will also monitor for the presence of mosquitoes and other vectors alongside invasive plant species that would be detrimental to the health of your green spaces.

FloraTerra for Your Bioretention Best Management Practice Needs

If you’d like to collaborate with a landscape company experienced in bioretention, our team of seasoned experts is ready to assist.

We can implement the necessary commercial landscape design modifications to your property that will mitigate future stormwater-related problems while also enhancing aesthetic appeal.

To find out more about this service and others, call us today at 408.275.1200 or click here.

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common area landscape services in San Jose Ca


As we leave 2023 in our rear-view and look forward to what 2024 has to bring us in the world of commercial landscaping, it’s exciting to see that great ideas are becoming more and more distilled, offering property owners greater access to the long-term benefits of sustainable, cost-effective, and stylish outdoor design solutions.

Here at FloraTerra, we have always encouraged our clients to embrace this longevity-centric approach, and as industry trends increasingly match our trajectory, it makes us feel optimistic about the future of Bay Area landscaping, even in the face of things like climate change and economic turbulence.

As you read on, you’ll see exactly what I mean by commercial landscaping trends that are future-focused and filled with promise.

So settle in for a moment and join me as I break down some of the top landscape contractor trends on our radar, moving into 2024.


plant health care

1. Soft, Warm, and Inviting Colorscapes

Each year, landscape designers across California and beyond eagerly await the announcement of the new Pantone Color of the Year, thanks to its powerful capacity to drive trends both indoors and outdoors.

This year’s choice from the Pantone Color Institute certainly reflects our contemporary yearning for comfort and kindness.

For 2024, we’ve learned that on-the-pulse garden palettes will center around a soft, pinkish-orange hue called “Peach Fuzz,” which is set to bring a twist of romance and charm to landscape designs everywhere.

This enchanting hue will work fantastically both in undulating country-style border designs and bold modern xeriscaping. If that sounds peachy to you, be sure to let your FloraTerra landscaper know as they tailor your Seasonal Flower Program.

2. Embracing Green Technology for Greater Landscapes

It’s natural to think of spectacular commercial landscaping as environmentally friendly—especially when it incorporates outstanding Water Conservation practices.

But what often gets overlooked is the footprint of the technologies that make such beautiful green spaces a reality. Are they just as green?

The great news is that they can be. Thanks to thrilling developments in zero-emissions vehicles and landscaping equipment, plus cutting-edge low-noise machinery, every aspect of creating and maintaining your HOA, commercial, retail, or corporate landscape can be a big win for your eco-credentials.

Gene Ebertowski, CEO of Flora Terra Landscape Management here in San Jose Ca, drove this point home, saying of low-impact landscaping practices: “It’s particularly useful to recognize the need, embrace the opportunity, and more importantly, support our clients in their environmental stewardship, green initiatives and sustainable practices.”

3. Fire Preventative Landscaping

It’s reassuring to see that an increasing number of property owners and managers are clued into the importance of and their obligations regarding maintaining defensible space and fire-safe landscaping for fire hazard reduction.

These days, there’s much more we can do than stay alert to California wildfire tracking. A brilliant trend in landscape design practices is to integrate fire resistance right into your property landscaping, improving day-to-day safety during drought season and lessening the probability of costly damage if the worst occurs.

With expert guidance, Fire Preventive Landscaping can not only safeguard against ignition but also improve water efficiency and drought tolerance, thanks to thoughtful landscape and irrigation structuring alongside intelligent plant selection.

Ultimately, your commercial landscape maintenance contractor can be your ultimate ally in the race to adapt and react to the rising threat of climate change.

4. Getting Multi-Dimensional About Landscape Design

Contemporary commercial landscape design companies like FloraTerra are leaning boldly into a more dynamic, playful, and imaginative approach to creating unique outdoor spaces.

Water-hungry traditional lawns and gardens are falling out of favor, with today’s businesses aspiring towards landscaping that is as innovative as their products or services.

In practical terms, this means the emergence of transformational statement installations such as dramatic or space-saving vertical gardens, roof gardens, and the kind of artistic use of color and texture that might once have been considered risqué.

Ultimately, what landscape designers and business and retail decision-makers have realized is that wow-factor aesthetics offer bountiful rewards, including drawing customers and boosting the productivity of employees.

5. Sustainable Landscaping Solutions

Where the work of the landscaper used to revolve around trying to tame and diminish nature, today’s savvy Landscape Construction and Maintenance Contractors instead focus on harnessing the environment’s natural rhythms to create green spaces that are resilient, vibrant, and ever-ready to thrive.

Promisingly, prioritizing sustainable landscaping solutions is one of the best ways to bring exciting new Commercial Landscaping Ideas to life. That’s why 2024 is certain to be shaped by the kinds of eco-friendly landscaping practices encouraged by The National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Think along the lines of things like water-wise xeriscaping, supporting soil health, encouraging wildlife, and actively composting—which are all handy practices if a future LEED certification is on your commercial or residential property’s wish list.

6. Gardens That Do More Than Rock Your World!

As companies become increasingly aware that exposure to nature at work boosts productivity, helpfulness, and creativity, its no surprise that commercial landscaping is evolving to become much more than a prettifying feature for employees to pass by on the way into the office.

This Corporate Campus Landscaping Company in San Jose Ca has been delighted to see increasing demand for outdoor spaces that invite greater interaction, such as scented landscapes and edible gardens.

Well-placed outdoor seating areas take summer meetings at Office and Business Centers in the Silicon Valley to an entirely new level, with employees able to enjoy the welcome presence of basil, oregano, mint, and thyme without losing focus on the task at hand.

7. Landscaping Rebates, Incentives, and Retrofit Programs

A final trend that we are happy to see is likely to continue to grow in 2024 is the presence of motivating and financially advantageous schemes to help businesses and residential properties alike improve the resilience and cost-effectiveness of their outdoor areas.

We’ve confirmed that the Santa Clara Valley Water District is proudly continuing with its irrigation equipment rebate and lawn conversion incentivization programs, and they certainly don’t stand alone in the Bay Area.

Better yet, our Water management consultants can not only advise on things like how to cut water costs now, but we can also help you navigate the various programs available in your location.

Harness the Power of Our Commercial Landscape Designers!

As a leading commercial landscape design company in San Jose Ca, FloraTerra draws on over 25 years experience to bring you an on-trend landscape design service that is second to none.

We’re proud to serve HOA properties, corporate campuses, retail mall settings, and countless other business and organization enterprises with an ever-dependable, trusted, landscaping service that prioritizes budgetary diligence and return on investment.

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Morgan Hill, CA Pleasanton, CA Daly City, CA
Gilroy, CA Livermore, CA South San Francisco, CA

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HOA Landscape Services That Boost Property Value

Here’s How Great HOA Landscaping Can Boost Your Property Value

Property owners across the Bay Area have been enjoying fantastically favorable real estate conditions of late, with the median sales price of single-family homes increasing 13% year-on-year.

However, in this highly competitive regional market, commercial property managers, HOAs, and common interest property alike are always looking for ways to enhance their realty assets even further.

An excellent opportunity in this regard is to renovate HOA & Condominium landscaping and hardscaping that is currently lacking. In fact, a recent survey of real estate agents revealed that this simple measure can boost property values by as much as 30%.

This offers great promise not only for resale potential but also for realizing the countless other advantages that come with enhanced curb appeal, such as increased occupancy, common area perception, and property value.

Intelligent HOA Landscape Design Offers a Host of Impressive Benefits

Your trusted HOA landscapers can add value via a host of strategic landscape enhancements.

Not only can they support you in restoring neglected areas, updating existing infrastructure, and transitioning plantscapes for improved drought tolerance.

In addition, they can transform the experience of all using the space with features such as outdoor fitness equipment, creative seating, sports and play areas, edible gardens, telecommuting zones, and more.

These days, the possibilities for sophisticated landscaping enhancement are just about endless!

Anticipate HOA Landscape Costs and Have a Solid Plan for ROI

Of course, any truly worthy HOA landscape design will not only offer initial wow-factor but also be curated with long-term oversight and maintenance in mind.

As specialists in Landscape Management for Commercial Real Estate in Santa Clara County Ca, we know how to implement stunning green spaces that will be efficient and cost-effective to maintain.

By aligning our HOA landscape design strategies with your unique vision and future aspirations, we can add value to your common area property that includes tangible returns on investment.

For example, the right HOA, condo, and apartment landscape maintenance approach will mean a more pleasurable daily experience for residents.

Crucially, as HOA landscape design specialists, our job is to ensure that our work benefits clients in as many ways as possible, for greater resilience and prosperity no matter which way the weather or economy turns.

Harnessing Technology For Even Greater Gains

At FloraTerra Landscape Management, we’re always reminded that the world of HOA & Condominium Landscaping moves far faster than many outside of our industry imagine.

For those we serve, this means that a dazzling array of advancements are available and we can place them at their fingertips.

For example, a cutting-edge landscape design company will be able to provide a user-friendly digital portal that can be tailored to meet your needs.

If you want your HOA residents to be able to inform specialist landscapers for apartment buildings of an urgent maintenance issue, with our FloraTerra app they will be able to do so using only their smartphone.

Simultaneously, the latest in weather-adaptive smart irrigation systems allow us to halve water use on many commercial properties.

Thoughtful and modern outdoor lighting helps us extend welcoming outdoor experiences into the evening, creating a sense of decadence that any property can benefit from.

Making Dramatic Water Savings for Bay Area Landscapes

Whether you wish to boost property value in pursuit of an immediate sale or simply to maximize long-term gains, a cost-efficient landscape is always a desirable feature.

Here in the Bay Area, drought is a real concern and water rates that rise year-on-year eat into property budgets reducing their overall potential.

The salve to this situation is effective water management under the guidance of conservation experts.

Alongside the latest irrigation technology, we can harness xeriscaping principles, drought-tolerant plant selection, water recycling, and more to keep your landscapes looking verdant on a reduced watering budget.

Get Real Results with the Right Commercial Landscaping Collaborator

Strategic landscaping enhancement is ideal for boosting property value, reducing landscape maintenance costs, and so much more.

If your property currently features outdated landscaping or neglected infrastructure, an intelligent update could yield sizable returns, so why not get the competitive edge with our commercial landscape service?

At FloraTerra, we understand the power that we have to drive success for our clients and have proudly strived to do so daily for more than 25 years.

To discover how we can help you elevate your property to the next level, give our team a call at 408-275.1200. Alternatively, use our contact form to schedule a free no-obligation assessment of your landscaping.

Plus, for timely landscaping tips and updates, don’t forget to sign up for our commercial landscaping blog.

To Learn More About our HOA Landscape Company, Call 408.275.1200 or Click Here

Areas We Service:

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Mountain View, CA San Leandro, CA Redwood City, CA
Cupertino, CA Alameda, CA Foster City, CA
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Morgan Hill, CA Warm Springs, CA Daly City, CA
Gilroy, CA Mission San Jose, CA South San Francisco, CA

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Retail – Commercial Landscapers Drive Traffic

low cost commercial landscaping, San Jose CA

Driving Retail to the Next Level With Spectacular, Drought-Ready Shopping Center Landscapes

There’s nothing quite like a wow-factor landscape to tempt modern consumers to skip their online shopping carts in favor of some good old-fashioned, in-person retail therapy.

You’ll surely agree, this has never been more relevant than it is in the post-pandemic era.

Today, retail destinations can get ahead of their digital competition by delivering an experience to shoppers that they can never get through a screen, and what better way to do that than with the sensory joy of landscaping?

As a long-serving retail shopping center landscaping company, we understand how crucial it is for our clients in this area to receive gold-standard service throughout every season. The world of retail never sleeps, and neither should its dynamic and dedicated landscapers!

Of course, there’s more to landscaping in commercial retail locations than throwing in some seasonal flowers.

Even though we’re finally getting a break on drought restrictions here in the Bay Area, property managers still need to have total confidence that their landscape contractor is active in water conservation while also maintaining a flawless and verdant green space for shoppers to enjoy.

Fortunately, the right shopping center landscaping company can do this and so much more, maximizing revenue for your big box businesses.

Check out all the tactics that we at FloraTerra harness to support retail enterprises in their quest to attract and retain high-caliber shoppers.

Increase Curb Appeal For a Bigger Customer Draw

Within a fast-paced and competitive urban setting, vibrant landscaping holds the power to grab attention and heighten curb appeal.

As such, a shopping center retail mall landscaping service in the know will introduce features such as statement plants, water features, and sweeping floral displays to draw eyes in exactly the right direction.

As an added bonus, the mood-boosting benefits of being among greenery are widely appreciated and recognized, so consumers will inevitably flock to retail locations that promise to indulge their senses.

Steer Foot Traffic for Happier Customers That Spend

Not only can top-notch retail landscaping services increase shopping center traffic, but they can also help to steer customers through their shopping experience for an enhanced experience that rewards outlets and customers alike.

Clever planting and design can be tailored to the natural flowing movement of shopping crowds and even draw them past the right retail facades.

Meanwhile, providing well-placed opportunities for consumers to take a pleasant break will encourage them to recharge their batteries for another round of treasure hunting.

Plus, great landscaping can be a magnet for families, creating memorable dining settings, enchanting play areas, and more.

Strategic Plant Selections for Year-Round Delight

While nature’s cycles ebb and flow as the seasons shift, high-performance shopping environments don’t have the luxury of an off-season.

This makes it essential for retail landscape designers to select plants that will appear just as bountiful during the Christmas rush as they do at the height of spring or summer.

Plants placed in indoor and outdoor retail environments also need to be robust and capable of greening high foot traffic areas consistently.

To balance all of these factors, expert commercial landscapers will draw on a deep understanding of local climate, native and robust evergreen species, exotic indoor plant types, and the unique aspect of each planting area to deliver dazzling and low-maintenance results.

An Expert Eye on Retail Landscape Design

Given the substantial investment that retail landscaping represents, it is so crucial to choose a landscape service provider that specializes in shopping centers.

Only they will be able to plan and develop consumer-appropriate plantscapes that are as cost-efficient as they are beautiful.

Seasoned retail landscape design and maintenance professionals will be able to advise on everything from improving water conservation to implementing impactive landscaping that extends the appeal of your retail destination from day into night.

To discover the difference that shopping center landscape design experts can make to your aspirational Bay Area retail destination a show stopping power center.

Give FloraTerra a call at 408-275.1200 or use our contact form to schedule a free no-obligation assessment of your landscaping. Because we measure our success by yours!

To Learn More About our Retail Landscape Company, Call 408.275.1200 or Click Here

Area’s We Service:

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San Jose, CA Newark, CA Menlo Park, CA
Santa Clara, CA Union City, CA San Carlos, CA
Sunnyvale, CA Hayward, CA Belmont, CA
Mountain View, CA San Leandro, CA Redwood City, CA
Cupertino, CA Alameda, CA Foster City, CA
Milpitas, CA Warm Springs, CA Burlingame, CA
Morgan Hill, CA Ardenwood, CA Daly City, CA
Gilroy, CA Mission San Jose, CA South San Francisco, CA

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Establish an Unwavering Relationship With Your Commercial Landscaper

Ensure a Professional Relationship with Your Commercial Landscape Company

As spring erupts across the Bay Area—this year promising us a particularly special Californian poppy super bloom—and Easter’s celebrations pass us by, the season serves as a poignant reminder to reflect on the joyful relationships that define our everyday lives.

While the most central among these relationships are of course with family, friends, and loved ones, there is value in recognizing that professional relationships can bring just as much vibrancy to life when they are truly nurturing.

As an impassioned and affordable commercial landscaping company serving the Bay Area, we consider outstanding customer care a vital cornerstone of our enterprise.

Research tells us that taking incredible care of valued customers makes our clients 93% more likely to remain within the FloraTerra family. But we also know that the benefits of communicating with attentiveness and compassion extend so much further.

By prioritizing customer experiences, we ensure that every interaction is as fulfilling as it can be for everyone involved.

Communication is the Foundation of Collaboration

Commercial landscape maintenance is always a collaborative process, requiring that the day-to-day operations of clients and contractors merge seamlessly.

The long-term game plan of your commercial landscaping service should be in full alignment with your long-term property and business aspirations. When communication is open and efficient, so much more can be achieved to everyone’s merit.

Studies suggest that 70% of any client journey depends upon how customer care is perceived.

This illuminates the reality that exemplary plant care, cutting-edge irrigation, and drought-tolerant design must always be accompanied by free-flowing information sharing, regular check-ins, and thoughtful commercial landscaping walk-throughs to keep everyone merrily on the same page, with a sense of feeling heard and respected.

Trust Begins With an Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Whether depending upon your commercial landscape contractor for daily maintenance, commercial tree care, or expert irrigation design and installation, you should always be able to enjoy total confidence.

Similarly, the only way for a landscape company to earn a client’s lasting trust is with absolute quality and consistency.

We often find that clients approach FloraTerra having lost faith in another contractor after a small breach of trust that left an irreparable dent in their confidence.

Unmistakably, the ingredients of trust, quality, and consistency are essential for any healthy and prosperous professional relationship recipe. Without them, the flavor will always be lacking and clients will be left wanting more. 


A Great Account Manager is an Ultimate Ally

To better serve your commercial property, any landscaping contractor must have an intricate understanding of its daily ebb and flow.

Landscape maintenance should always fit around the other facets of property care and operation, and as such, you should expect a single account manager with whom you share absolute trust and clear understanding.

That dependable individual will be able to navigate your contract through its various elements, from plant health care to water conservation, ensuring that misunderstandings are avoided and that challenges are quickly resolved.

By prioritizing this lead relationship, your commercial landscape company safeguards you against conflict, confusion, and the roadblocks that arise while contractors jump to conclusions.

As a landscape service provider, it is our job to forge an ever-stronger client-vendor relationship, understanding your needs and meeting them daily.

Setting Clear Expectations for Greater Rewards

The setting of clear expectations in any professional relationship means that everyone can progress towards the same goals in perfect parallel.

This is a welcome contrast to the mistrust that inevitably follows poorly managed expectations.

In this sense, your landscaping contractor should approach both short and long-term planning with integrity. They should also provide the means for you to clearly see and understand their role in action.

These days, expectations can be clarified to the highest standard thanks to modern technology.

Here at FloraTerra, we provide a user-friendly app and client portal, allowing our customers to see their property’s work orders advance in real-time, with geo-located photographs of the latest developments and the opportunity to communicate and get updates from anywhere, any time.

This is a wonderful example of technology enhancing human interaction rather than substituting it, which will always be a central tenet to our work as Commercial Landscape Designers in San Jose, CA.

Are you looking for a commercial landscape company that will place your customer experience first?

The FloraTerra team draws upon decades of prosperous relationships with some of the most prestigious commercial properties in the Bay Area, and we believe that it is our attention to customer care that allows us to exceed where others fail.

To Learn More About our HOA Landscape Company, Call 408.275.1200 or Click Here

Areas We Service:

Santa Clara County

Alameda County

San Mateo County

Silicon Valley, CA

Fremont, CA

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Newark, CA

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Union City, CA

San Carlos, CA

Sunnyvale, CA

Hayward, CA

Belmont, CA

Mountain View, CA

San Leandro, CA

Redwood City, CA

Cupertino, CA

Alameda, CA

Foster City, CA

Milpitas, CA

Dublin, CA

Burlingame, CA

Morgan Hill, CA

Pleasanton, CA

Daly City, CA

Gilroy, CA

Livermore, CA

South San Francisco,CA

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3 Vital Qualities That Define Outstanding HOA Landscape Companies

After decades spent working with HOA, condominium, and multi-family property managers across the Bay Area, we understand that truly excellent landscape management extends so much further than the obvious day-to-day deliverables.

Crucially, you need more than spectacular green scaping solutions designed for your unique budget. You need more than access to a spectrum of experts such as San Jose CLCA certified water managers. You need a partner that will commit fully to enhancing your property’s value and residents’ satisfaction over the years to come.

So, how can we measure or quantify this kind of HOA landscape company? Well, we have found that there are three vital qualities that many of our clients don’t always know to look out for. Your landscaping is alive and ever-changing, so your contractors must be dynamic, responsive, and highly skilled. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Communication Is Key

Without clear and consistent communication, it’s almost impossible to establish a successful working relationship. This can be said of just about any professional partnership, but within the multi-faceted realm of HOA landscape maintenance, it becomes absolutely vital.

Mutual understanding is a must for flawlessly realized landscape design. Proactivity lies at the core of efficient, cost-effective landscape maintenance. Knowing these things as we do, it’s impossible to over-emphasize the importance of flowing communication. From your first landscaping walk-through to your seasonal budget planning, you should always feel fully in the loop.

The clearest path to well-rounded expectations and timely implementation is a modern approach to communication. That’s why we utilize contemporary cloud-based proprietary software to coordinate FloraTerra teams, while our clients enjoy access to an exclusive app and online portal that allows them to request and track jobs in real-time, connect with their account management team, monitor progress, provide feedback, and so much more.

Taking this idea further, we also assign every FloraTerra HOA client a dedicated account manager and on-site operations manager. This means that all aspects of your landscape management will always be overseen by someone who fully understands your property and long-term objectives. It also means that there’ll be someone friendly and familiar at the end of the phone whenever you want to talk.

2. Service Quality is Essential

From a deep understanding of cultivating year-round curb appeal to knowing how to enhance your landscape’s drought resilience, your HOA landscape company should draw on expert knowledge and do their work with pride. This kind of quality service means tailoring solutions to each unique HOA property and delivering on every promise, every time.

Here are some of the benchmarks that we believe are integral to high-standard HOA landscape maintenance:

  • Sculptural trees and plants
  • Impeccably maintained irrigation
  • Strategic drought-tolerant landscape design
  • Immaculately mulched and weed-free beds
  • Verdant, healthy lawns and planted areas
  • Seasonal blooms and feature-specimens
  • Debris-free, hazard-free, and beautifully maintained green spaces
  • Timely and safety-conscious tree care
  • Inviting outdoor spaces that are created to be enjoyed
  • Forward-looking seasonal landscape maintenance
  • Year-round interest and appeal

To ensure that these standards are always met, we put just as much effort into cultivating a thriving employee culture as we do into the amazing creative landscapes in our care. Our people are part of the fabric of your local community, and through our company-wide shared commitment, they personally invest in your success just as meaningfully as you invest in theirs.

3. Training and Safety Standards are Essential

At FloraTerra Landscape Management, training doesn’t just mean covering the basics. It’s an ongoing process and an opportunity to ensure both the quality of our work and the sense of career progression that our impassioned team members deserve.

Alongside expertise in things like horticulture, water management, tree care, sustainability, and landscape architecture, we also place a heavy focus on safety training. This is how we continue to maintain a health, safety, and environmental track record that far exceeds industry averages. Continuing in this pursuit of excellence is our constant promise to you and the many other Bay Area HOA Landscaping Service clients.

The FloraTerra Landscape Team is Here to Support You!

Stunning landscaping is immensely powerful when it comes to boosting property values, attracting new tenants, and improving occupancy and retention. However, we know that this is only one aspect of successfully managing a prospering HOA, which is why we strive to make landscape maintenance seamless—allowing you to focus on everything else that matters.

So consider this a calling and get to know a commercial landscape company that not only shapes show-stopping green spaces but makes each client’s overarching goals our goals too. The FloraTerra team is ready and waiting to answer your landscaping questions, so why not get in touch today?

To Learn More About our HOA Landscape Company, Call 408.275.1200 or Click Here

FloraTerra Design Group


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7 Traits of an HOA Landscape Company


Selecting the right HOA Landscape Company is easier said than done, Hoa Landscape Services is typically one of the largest expenses on an HOA’s income statement, and your HOA Landscape Company plays a vital role in maintaining property values, occupancy rates and attracting new buyers.

1. Sustainable HOA Landscape Company: HOA & Condo Landscape Company should include what is best for our environment. Important aspects include cost efficiency, procuring local products and materials, water efficient landscape design, green waste recycling, OMRI certified organic based pesticides, smart watering technology, mulching to reduce water, weeds, and maintenance, using drought-resistant plants, native plant species that are indigenous to the local bay area.

2. HOA & Condo Landscaping Services: All landscape companies are not created equal; consider the services offered, basic HOA landscaping includes landscape maintenance, irrigation repairs, irrigation upgrades, water management, commercial landscape design and installation, concrete, stone, drainage, and commercial tree care.

What services will be offered in the house? will any of these services be subcontracted through a 3rd party? Keep in mind that a contractor typically marks up specialty contractors by 15-30%.

3. Pricing, why question the low baller? You have many choices when it comes to finding a top-notch HOA landscape Company. If the price seems amazingly low, there is a reason why.

Let me explain, some companies come in with low pricing because they are desperate to get the work; they are cutting corners, or perhaps missed a very important aspect of your scope.

Price should always be a key consideration when selecting an HOA landscape Contractor; however, it shouldn’t be the primary choice.

Keep in mind, going with the low bid could potentially cost you in the long run, so be aware that it may cost you in hidden extra costs, deferred maintenance conditions, potential hazards- liabilities, dead plant & lawn replacements just to name a few.

4. Clear & Prompt Communication: Clear communication is essential for responding to routine requests and calls, including emergencies from time to time.

A commitment to excellence should always be a part of your Home Owners Association Landscape Service; this would include returning telephone calls and emails promptly. Your association should have a single point of contact; this individual should be detailed, must have excellent verbal and communication skills, and should be familiar with every aspect of your association property.

5. Cloud-Based Work Orders: FloraTerra has an electronic work order system for simple service requests, budget requests, concerns that can be submitted electronically.

Then, we can track the service request for completion and follow-up.
You can always be sure that all requests are tracked and monitored through our electronic system.

Requests are expedited swiftly and channeled to the appropriate department, and our management staff is alerted electronically via email and text. It also ensures a timely outcome.

6. Quality Compliance: A part of an HOA landscape Company service should entail a monthly report identifying upcoming maintenance items, including completed and pending work orders.

The quality of work should show in every detail, it’s essential to show continuous improvement in order to increase occupancy rates, boost retention and increase property value.

7. 24/7 Emergency Response: Management staff should include a 24/7 emergency response number for unscheduled activities such as running water, a fallen tree branch or other landscape hazards.

Managers should be able to reach their landscapers at any time, throughout the day, night or weekend

Look no further, our HOA Landscape Company supports community managers in every way, FloraTerra Landscape Management has over 25 Years of experience maintaining large HOA Communities, condominiums, and multi-family complexes.

We specialize in HOA landscape services, including landscape enhancements, design, weekly maintenance, water management, and HOA tree care. We have you covered.

HOA owners, commercial developers and community association managers across the bay area use FloraTerra. Area’s of service include Santa Clara County, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Mateo County, Palo Alto, Redwood Shores, Foster City, Alameda County, Fremont, Newark, Union City, Hayward, Alameda.

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5 Smart Commercial Landscaping Investments to Grow a Greener ROI


Over the decades, we have learned through first-hand experience that sustainable landscaping techniques offer a powerful opportunity to drive down landscape maintenance costs and healthily bolster returns on investment.

Crucially, by working with nature—through tactics such as drought-tolerant design strategies, careful water management, and native plant selection—we are able to provide unbeatable value to our clients through beautifully verdant green spaces that readily stand up to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

As such changeable weather patterns and escalating amenity costs leave property managers looking for ways to recession-proof their commercial landscaping, we at FloraTerra are proud to be leading the charge to approach landscape design and maintenance differently.

So, what exactly do we recommend to clients aiming to make smarter landscaping investments and grow a greener ROI?

1. It’s Time to Get Smart About Water Conservation

How can commercial property owners meet Bay Area water restrictions and rising utility costs without sacrificing on their landscaping assets? The answer lies in savvy water conservation techniques, such as xeriscaping and intelligent irrigation systems.

For example, did you know that when direct-to-root drip irrigation is combined with weather-adaptive smart controllers, they can offer 90–100% efficiency?

In contrast, traditional sprinklers achieve only around 50% penetration in the baking Bay Area sun, making an investment in irrigation upgrades one that will offer a rapid return.

As accredited IA Water Sense Partners, the FloraTerra team bring a deep understanding of how to most effectively cut commercial landscape water costs.

2. It’s Time to Transition Away From Traditional Lawns

While traditional lawn areas are indeed attractive, they are not well suited to the contemporary Bay Area climate and inescapably represent a disproportionate running cost within any commercial landscape design.

The good news is that there are numerous drought-tolerant landscaping alternatives to explore, from drought-resilient grass species and ground cover plants through to attractive soil-protective surfaces decorated with climate-appropriate ornamental plants.

Not only will these substitutes shrink water costs but they can also reduce or eliminate pesticide and fertilizer use. Better yet, the FloraTerra team will also gladly walk you through any applicable Bay Area lawn replacement rebates.

3. It’s Time to Treat Your Soil as an Asset

Did you know that well-structured, nourished, and protected soil acts as an intuitive sponge? What we mean by this is that healthy soil will retain more water in dry conditions, mitigate runoff during rain season, and hold key nutrients for the benefit of its rooted inhabitants.

This makes treating soil as a valued asset a savvy move indeed for commercial landscape contractors.

To achieve this aim, we harness strategies such as mulching, aerating, hardscaping, and strategic planting to protect soil quality across your whole property.

By safeguarding this precious commodity, erosion can be avoided and landscape maintenance costs can be further minimized.

4. It’s Time to Switch Out High Water Use Plants

When it comes to the consumption of H2O, all plants are certainly not created equal. Many commercial property managers don’t realize that poor plant choices may be driving their amenity costs through the roof.

However, plant species that are naturally suited to cooler, damper climates will struggle to remain strong in the Bay Area climate without a constant flow of costly water.

What any knowledgeable commercial landscape company should be able to tell you is that there are plenty of plants far more adept at thriving in a region prone to drought.

In fact, a combination of drought-tolerant native species and plants from regions of the world with a similar climate can be used to create dream landscapes that are minimally thirsty and continue to look spectacular when the sun’s rays beat down. Partnering with an HOA landscape company that specializes in drought-resistant design will allow you to make any necessary changes before reaping the cost-saving rewards.

5. It’s Time to Brighten Things Up With Drought-Resilient Blooms

Whether your landscaping frames an HOA property, a corporate campus, or an elegant retail setting, a vibrant splash of color is sure to elevate its aesthetic.

Historically, commercial landscape companies would have met this idea with might-maintenance and short-lived displays of annual flowers. However, these days, there is a better way.

At FloraTerra, we love nothing more than introducing robust and prolifically blossoming perennial flower species to the landscapes of those who will enjoy their brightness.

With an expert awareness of blooming seasons, good planning, and intelligent placement, colorful displays can be enjoyed throughout much of the year. These seasonal flower installations offer a particular compliment to entranceways, signage, pool areas, patios, and high-traffic pathways.

FloraTerra is proud to serve as a sustainable green commercial landscape company that knows exactly how to translate eco-credentials into tangible cost savings for your commercial property.

If you are ready to take advantage of embracing tomorrow’s greener landscaping solutions today, then contact our team to learn more.

To Learn More About our Commercial Landscape Company, Call 408.275.1200 or Click Here

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Commercial Landscapers in San Jose

5 Tips for Exceptional Commercial Landscape Maintenance

When it comes to realizing the potential of any commercial property, partnering with a high-caliber San Francisco Bay Area Landscape Company can truly make all the difference. Whether green spaces will serve a corporate campus, retail customers, or HOA residents—to name but a few examples—there is no denying the numerous health and well-being benefits that sculpted foliage can provide.

From increasing curb appeal to boosting occupancy, well-designed and maintained commercial landscapes offer an excellent return on investment. However, certain qualities are required in any landscaping company if they are to excel on your behalf. Read on as we consider the top factors that you should be looking for exceptional commercial landscape maintenance.

1. Clear Communication

While quality of communication may not be the first pitfall that comes to mind when imagining what might let down landscaping clients, this factor is make-or-break for lasting, prosperous, and rewarding collaborations between commercial clients and their landscape maintenance contractors. As such, any potential candidate should be able to showcase:

  • Proactivity as they make recommendations and highlight future considerations
  • Responsivity as they remain on call 24/7, answer the phone, and respond to messages promptly
  • Modernity as they leverage contemporary technology to manage tasks in real-time and make communication more convenient

While landscaping may be a practice as old as time, commercial clients should certainly anticipate that their contractors will operate firmly in the 21st century. To give an example, we use cloud-based technology and a user-friendly FloraTerra smartphone app to give our clients instant access to what’s happening on—and under—the ground.

2. A Client Service Team That Cares

A landscaping company that is always only a phone call away is only useful if the person you speak to knows your property inside and out. Great professional interactions are just as much defined by long-term relationships as they are by outstanding communication.

That’s why we assign a dedicated account manager and operations manager to each of our commercial property clients. In this way, we can ensure that both the FloraTerra representative you speak to and those leading your dedicated team on-site are always familiar with your day-to-day operational requirements, preferences, and long-term goals.

These skilled and seasoned professionals will plan and coordinate every facet of your maintenance contract, ensuring that commercial landscape safety protocols are always followed, materials and equipment are to hand, teams are trained and supported, landscape health is monitored, and irrigation infrastructure is fully maintained.

3. A Wealth of Knowledge and Expertise

There is a vast difference between the know-how needed to keep a garden and the skill required to maintain exceptional commercial landscaping. Ensuring efficiency, consistency, quality, and outstanding value begins and ends with true expertise in the field of professional landscape maintenance.

Here in the Bay Area where droughts are likely to continue, a veteran company like FloraTerra can provide access to drought-tolerant landscape design architects, irrigation experts, arborists, plant health specialists, ornamental horticulturists, and much more. When partnering with a landscape company that offers a full-spectrum umbrella of services and experience, you can enjoy the confidence that the deliverables required to honor your contract agreement year-round are already in place.

4. Proactive Maintenance and Landscape Improvements

If you are keen to boost customer numbers, attract new tenants, increase property value, or reinvent your company’s public perception, your commercial landscape maintenance company should be ready and able to assist.

From show-stopping aesthetic enhancements to improving landscape safety or mitigating the impacts of foot traffic, your account manager will be able to advise on what’s possible—if your operations manager hasn’t already highlighted the opportunity. With a gold-standard commercial landscape company on speed dial, you have a pool of specialist creatives at your disposal.

5. Attention to Detail

Whether the commercial landscape in question is a brand-new installation or evolving into maturity, at FloraTerra we understand that it will be entirely unique. That’s why we base our  proposals on accurate evaluation. By getting started with a clear overview of your landscaping needs, we can set clear quality expectations and ensure that our contractor-client relationship always remains in alignment.

The FloraTerra team has proudly provided high-quality, cost-effective, and consistent commercial landscape services across the broader Bay Area since 1997. We draw upon this firm foundation as we strike the perfect balance on behalf of each of our clients, ever-keeping your ROI in clear focus. If you are ready to choose a dependable landscape maintenance partner that will exceed your expectations so that you can focus on excelling elsewhere, connect with our team today.

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Drought-Resistant HOA Landscape Designers

Creating the Amazing Drought-Resistant HOA Landscaping

As dedicated HOA and Condominium Water Wise Landscape Designers Serving Santa Clara County Ca and beyond, we understand how critical drought resistance is within our increasingly challenging climate.

Nothing makes HOA residents happier than a setting framed by healthy, green spaces—and these very same spaces can work wonders in attracting new tenants and boosting property value.

But garden areas such as these require maintenance, and perhaps more importantly, water that grows more expensive by the day. Fortunately, innovative approaches to the creation of drought-resistant HOA landscapes are within our reach, and with them comes the potential to reduce landscaping costs significantly.

When Water Costs Outpace Landscape Maintenance

It is a shocking reality that HOA property managers across the Bay Area are now spending as much as 75% of their monthly budget on water alone.

Not long ago, it would have seemed impossible to imagine that municipal costs would exceed those of HOA Landscaping Services, let alone all other overheads combined, but these are the certainly times we are living in.

There is, however, a great deal of room to tip the scales more favorably—either allowing space to increase budgetary scope for landscaping developments, to reduce costs overall, or to liberate funds for other areas of improvement.

Favoring water wise, HOA Landscape Design approaches such as xeriscaping and native plant species selection is powerful indeed, as is embracing recent developments in irrigation technology.

The Value of Efficient Irrigation in the Bay Area

Here at FloraTerra, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the movement to save water in California grow and evolve.

Our President, Gene Ebertowski, describes the irrigation system as the “driving force behind the landscape itself”, and this is certainly true. Even when the most drought-ready landscape designs and robust plant species are chosen, the efficiency of water use is what allows their advantageous properties to be effectively harnessed.

Within an HOA landscape maintenance setting, making a switch from sprinklers to modern drip irrigation can slash water usage overnight.

The introduction of gadgets such as flow sensors and smart irrigation devices that deliver advanced water cycle schedules and adjust water distribution based on current weather patterns can be a game changer.

While these technologies were expensive when first introduced, today they are highly accessible and offer impressive returns on investment.

This makes it essential to partner with a commercial landscape company that combines the skills needed to deliver drought tolerant landscape design and implement modern San Jose CA irrigation water management strategies.

Today’s costs and tomorrow’s savings can be and should be mapped—in this sense, landscape design should be proactive rather than reactive, taking the sting out of the tail of future droughts and water shortages.

Forging Resilience Through Smart Plant Selection

Did you know that much of the Bay Area is considered akin to the Mediterranean climate?

Our weather patterns can be compared closely to those of Southern Europe or Northern Africa, and as such, building our landscapes from a resource-pool of plants that are either California natives or from places with similar environmental characteristics is a fantastic way to weave resilience into every design.

We find great joy in creating and maintaining drought tolerant landscapes in San Jose CA and across the wider Bay Area. Every area of this beautiful region has its own characteristics, and as such demands unique thought when it comes to plant selection.

Species that will thrive on the north-west coast may be very different to those that will flourish further inland or towards the south of the state.

After analyzing the unique micro-climate of a given property—looking at factors such as soil type, aspect, local rainfall, wind exposure, and more—we may introduce resilient succulents such as Sedum, drought-resistant African Daisies, or long-blooming Coreopsis.

With the right know how, the perfect flowering perennials, shrubs, and trees await discovery, and their introduction can ensure far greater robustness in the face of any droughts ahead.

Bay Area HOA Properties Turn to FloraTerra to Reduce Water Costs

Our San Jose HOA Landscaping Service is proud to have served a diversity of clients across the Bay Area over the last 25 years, ranging from aspirational HOAs to corporate campuses, luxury estates, commercial destinations, and much more.

Not only can we advise and act on reducing water costs and creating landscapes that will thrive in a drought-prone climate, but we can also assist with your property’s other vital priorities, such as HOA Landscape Design & Planning, fire preventive landscaping, interactive and immersive green spaces, and seasonal flower programs that will wow your residents and investors in equal measure.

Are you ready to learn more? Connect with us today and discuss your needs. We’re always only a phone call or message away.

HOA owners, commercial developers and community association managers across the bay area use FloraTerra. Area’s of service include Santa Clara County, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, San Martin, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Mateo County, Palo Alto, Redwood Shores, Foster City, Alameda County, Fremont, Newark, Union City, Hayward, Alameda.

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