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Plant Health Care

plant health care

At FloraTerra Design Group we are proactive in identifying pest problems, provide early detection and take the necessary steps for mitigating harmful pathogens.

Plant health care is an essential part of estate grounds maintenance.  We offer a specialized PHC service to optimize the health of your landscaping. Pest, disease and fertility programs are designed for the environment, safety and health of your landscape investment, enabling your plants to thrive and survive.

Our certified team includes licensed pest control applicators, integrated pest managers, pest advisors and laboratory services.

Early detection of pest activity is important. If left unmonitored, fungi, insects and harmful pathogens can quickly devastate your prized landscaping.

To protect trees, we take measures approved by the International Society of Arboriculture, such as precision pruning, prescriptive fertilization, integrated pest management, trapping and monitoring. Whenever possible, we use OMRI certified products that are safe, organic, and sustainable.