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Drought Tolerant Landscaping – Water Wise Gardens

drought tolerant landscaping

In the Bay Area, lush landscapes use a lot more water than native type landscaping. To that point, many homeowners are transitioning from a traditional irrigation to a drip watering system. Our experts at FloraTerra Design Group have decades of experience, modifying existing systems into water efficient drip. Long term success with any landscape starts with an exceptional irrigation system. More importantly, a quality irrigation system ensures your landscaping receives the right balance of water, nutrients and drainage. Our talented irrigation experts have over 25 years’ experience, ensuring that your new landscaping gets off to a great start.

FloraTerra Design Group’s design specialists create beautiful outdoor landscaping that is gorgeous, water efficient, and colorful. Whether its synthetic grass, native type landscaping, or a full landscape design-renovation, we can help! We specialize in transforming older outdated landscaping into beautiful, water efficient works of art.