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Outdoor Lighting

outdoor lighting

Elevated Aesthetics

As you think about outdoor lighting, there are a multitude of ways to elevate your outdoor experience. It illuminates architecture features and creates an alluring ambience. Carefully positioned up lights can capture the nighttime loveliness of a unique tree, creates depth, and stunning visual interest. More importantly, a professional lighting system is an investment that increases property value and outdoor aesthetics.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space

Above all, a quality outdoor lighting system makes every step even better, especially after dark. There’s no better place than your home to relax, entertain, and explore the unlimited possibilities lighting has to offer.

Whether your idea of a great evening is having dinner under the stars, or sharing drinks by a bonfire, lighting creates a warm welcoming atmosphere. When you reach the front of your home, a well illuminated entrance sets the tone for a stunning experience.


Lighting helps create functionality within outdoor spaces, lighting helps to illuminate entry ways, pathways, including around pools, patios and decks.


Besides creating landscape appeal, outdoor lighting provides essential illumination for safely navigating through the landscape at night, lighting helps ensure a safe passage way around patios, pools, decks and changes in elevation.


Outdoor lighting provides essential security at night time. The appropriate lighting system can illuminate dark spots for a well-lit space, making it safer against potential intruders.

At FloraTerra Design Group, we specialize in outdoor lighting systems that add balance between darkness and light, creating a soothing atmosphere that you and your friends can enjoy.

FloraTerra Design Group can bring your vision to reality!

There’s certainly a lot involved when it comes to the selection and installation of outdoor lighting for your home. If you need some guidance, then working with a lighting professional might be the best way to go.