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Estate Landscape Maintenance

estate gardening

At FloraTerra Design Group, we provide specialized all-inclusive landscape services designed for larger outdoor green spaces. Our trained specialists work unobtrusively throughout your property, ensuring every detail is covered. Our all-inclusive maintenance includes naturalized pruning, prescriptive fertilization, weed control, irrigation repair service, water management, (IPM) integrated pest management, (PHC) plant health care, tree care, edible gardens, and more.

Our landscape maintenance service goes far beyond mowing, power hedge trimming and obtrusive leaf blowers.

For large scale properties, we have a commercial landscape service  that can accommodate multi building properties including landscape maintenance for homeowner’s associations, multi-family developments, and more.  


In addition to our large property landscape maintenance division, we provide full-service landscape renovation that includes sustainable lawn conversions, water efficient irrigation, low maintenance gardens, water efficient landscape gardens that are drought friendly, and save money on water, too!