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Irrigation Design & Maintenance

FloraTerra Design Group  offers a unique water management and irrigation resources to meet bay area water challenges. Drought conditions means limited water resources, restrictions, and expensive penalties for the excessive use of water throughout Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco, Alameda, Contra Costa, and Monterey counties. More importantly, the efficient use of water and sustainable landscape practices will be a major focus for Bay Area property owners, for many years to come.


In California, the drought has been a topic of concern. Drought conditions mean stringent water restrictions, many cities, towns and municipalities throughout the greater bay area are allocating expensive penalties for excessive water use. The new norm in the bay area requires water efficient planning, sustainable designs, and water efficient gardens that are drought friendly, and low maintenance.


FloraTerra Design Group has saved millions of gallons of water with our specialized water management, our water management service is designed to give you peace of mind, curb outdoor water, and save money too.


Through our initial water audit, we set up a scientific water budget, we monitor monthly use, reduce, and save property owners money on their outdoor water use. More importantly, our irrigation technicians provide you with valuable recommendations that include smart irrigation upgrades that get you a sizable return on your investment. Our water budgeting software provides key algorithms for identifying trends of high and low water consumption.


As a full-service landscape contractor, FloraTerra Design Group has an irrigation division that supports our design build firm, from water efficient designs, to water audits, our service technicians can handle it all. FloraTerra Design Group has certified irrigation technicians that are trained to do full water audits, ensuring peak performance, maximized water conservation with minimal waste.

We are a full-service landscape contractor, here at your service.


For larger sites, we have a commercial landscape company division that can accommodate single or multi building water management, not to mention landscaping for corporate campuses, portfolio’s, retail, and multi-use properties.