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Here’s How to Implement a Bioretention Best Management Practice

If your Bay Area commercial landscaping has recently been impacted by weather-related water runoff, FloraTerra offers a storm water landscaping repair service with a difference.

We can help you introduce a Bioretention Best Management Practice (BMP) that will protect your property far into the future.

As experts in implementing bioretention strategies that are ideal to mitigate future stormwater issues, we can not only restore the beauty of your green areas but also help you establish a strong and cost-effective bioretention plan that offers multi-faceted return.

If that sounds like it’s something that should be high on your agenda, read on to find out more about how we’ll get it done.

How Will a Bioretention BMP Benefit My Property?

For commercial, residential, and industrial property managers, bioretention BMPs can be a valuable way to manage and treat stormwater.

This important resource in the toolkit used by commercial landscape design companies that unlock higher returns is not only useful for stormwater management, but also for safeguarding the quality of groundwater and elevating property aesthetics.

A bioretention BMP helps to remove pollutants from runoff through organic filtration via physical and biological treatment processes.

It can be implemented within median strips, parking lot islands, retention basins, and bioswales on your property, for seamless and enhancing integration.

This approach is perfect for maintaining highly attractive outdoor spaces with vibrant but functional landscaping that always ensures a great impression.

How Does Bioretention Work?

To the untrained observer, bioretention areas simply look like fantastic landscape design. However, it is the makeup of these installations that creates the desired effect.

Bioretention zones usually consist of grass buffer strips, specific plants and trees, engineered soils, organic layers of mulch, and ponding areas.

Together, these features reduce the velocity of water runoff, provide filtration, and allow absorption into the soil.

During this process, which occurs over a period of days, particulate pollutants such as nitrogen, metals, phosphorus, and hydrocarbons are lifted from runoff thanks to adsorption, filtration, plant uptake, microbial activity, decomposition, sedimentation, and volatilization (EPA, 1999).

For the bioretention area to do this wonderful work, your trusted bioretention landscape company will provide periodic monitoring and maintenance to support optimal aeration and infiltration rates.

Implementing a Bioretention Area

An experienced Bay Area commercial landscape contractor will install bioretention zones when planting conditions are at their most favorable, providing the essential care necessary during the early establishment period for plants, trees, and shrubs.

It is common practice to implement a shrub-to-tree ratio of 2:1 to 3:1 for bioretention, while the Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Plant Guide provides an excellent framework for further considerations.

In the planning stage of your Bioretention BMP, your commercial landscape designer will examine the site layout to inform whether landscape grading or a gutter collection system will be necessary to achieve the desired result.

With the right angles, water can be directed across your property without damage, and an experienced commercial landscape maintenance company for bioretention and bio-swales will be able to achieve this while bringing your landscaping to life with fantastic aesthetics.

Stunning layers of shady trees, elegant shrubs, and attractive perennial groundcover can be applied to create enticing green spaces that are multi-functional.

The addition of mulch will enhance bioretention performance while also reducing maintenance costs.

Meanwhile, your HOA and condominium landscape designer will consult a regional landscaping manual alongside the EPA Best Management Practice for Bioretention and Stormwater to ensure that all requirements established by the local authorities are met.

What About Commercial Landscape Maintenance for Bioretention and Bioswales?

Your commercial and HOA landscape service for bioretention will be able to advise you on ongoing maintenance costs for your unique property.

However, the good news is that this landscaping strategy usually requires only a modest budgetary increase over conventional commercial landscaping, allowing for factors such as soil pH regulation, erosion repair at inflow points, and soil replacement in the case of very high-pollutant stormwater areas.

Here at FloraTerra Landscape Management in San Jose Ca, we’re proud to be a commercial landscape company evolving with new technology, so you can expect to see a proactive and contemporary approach to biannual assessments of the maintenance needs of your bioretention landscaping, plus the capacity to track our work order progress in real-time.

In addition, as a commercial and HOA Landscaping Company that prioritizes safety, we will also monitor for the presence of mosquitoes and other vectors alongside invasive plant species that would be detrimental to the health of your green spaces.

FloraTerra for Your Bioretention Best Management Practice Needs

If you’d like to collaborate with a landscape company experienced in bioretention, our team of seasoned experts is ready to assist.

We can implement the necessary commercial landscape design modifications to your property that will mitigate future stormwater-related problems while also enhancing aesthetic appeal.

To find out more about this service and others, call us today at 408.275.1200 or click here.

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