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As we leave 2023 in our rear-view and look forward to what 2024 has to bring us in the world of commercial landscaping, it’s exciting to see that great ideas are becoming more and more distilled, offering property owners greater access to the long-term benefits of sustainable, cost-effective, and stylish outdoor design solutions.

Here at FloraTerra, we have always encouraged our clients to embrace this longevity-centric approach, and as industry trends increasingly match our trajectory, it makes us feel optimistic about the future of Bay Area landscaping, even in the face of things like climate change and economic turbulence.

As you read on, you’ll see exactly what I mean by commercial landscaping trends that are future-focused and filled with promise.

So settle in for a moment and join me as I break down some of the top landscape contractor trends on our radar, moving into 2024.


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1. Soft, Warm, and Inviting Colorscapes

Each year, landscape designers across California and beyond eagerly await the announcement of the new Pantone Color of the Year, thanks to its powerful capacity to drive trends both indoors and outdoors.

This year’s choice from the Pantone Color Institute certainly reflects our contemporary yearning for comfort and kindness.

For 2024, we’ve learned that on-the-pulse garden palettes will center around a soft, pinkish-orange hue called “Peach Fuzz,” which is set to bring a twist of romance and charm to landscape designs everywhere.

This enchanting hue will work fantastically both in undulating country-style border designs and bold modern xeriscaping. If that sounds peachy to you, be sure to let your FloraTerra landscaper know as they tailor your Seasonal Flower Program.

2. Embracing Green Technology for Greater Landscapes

It’s natural to think of spectacular commercial landscaping as environmentally friendly—especially when it incorporates outstanding Water Conservation practices.

But what often gets overlooked is the footprint of the technologies that make such beautiful green spaces a reality. Are they just as green?

The great news is that they can be. Thanks to thrilling developments in zero-emissions vehicles and landscaping equipment, plus cutting-edge low-noise machinery, every aspect of creating and maintaining your HOA, commercial, retail, or corporate landscape can be a big win for your eco-credentials.

Gene Ebertowski, CEO of Flora Terra Landscape Management here in San Jose Ca, drove this point home, saying of low-impact landscaping practices: “It’s particularly useful to recognize the need, embrace the opportunity, and more importantly, support our clients in their environmental stewardship, green initiatives and sustainable practices.”

3. Fire Preventative Landscaping

It’s reassuring to see that an increasing number of property owners and managers are clued into the importance of and their obligations regarding maintaining defensible space and fire-safe landscaping for fire hazard reduction.

These days, there’s much more we can do than stay alert to California wildfire tracking. A brilliant trend in landscape design practices is to integrate fire resistance right into your property landscaping, improving day-to-day safety during drought season and lessening the probability of costly damage if the worst occurs.

With expert guidance, Fire Preventive Landscaping can not only safeguard against ignition but also improve water efficiency and drought tolerance, thanks to thoughtful landscape and irrigation structuring alongside intelligent plant selection.

Ultimately, your commercial landscape maintenance contractor can be your ultimate ally in the race to adapt and react to the rising threat of climate change.

4. Getting Multi-Dimensional About Landscape Design

Contemporary commercial landscape design companies like FloraTerra are leaning boldly into a more dynamic, playful, and imaginative approach to creating unique outdoor spaces.

Water-hungry traditional lawns and gardens are falling out of favor, with today’s businesses aspiring towards landscaping that is as innovative as their products or services.

In practical terms, this means the emergence of transformational statement installations such as dramatic or space-saving vertical gardens, roof gardens, and the kind of artistic use of color and texture that might once have been considered risqué.

Ultimately, what landscape designers and business and retail decision-makers have realized is that wow-factor aesthetics offer bountiful rewards, including drawing customers and boosting the productivity of employees.

5. Sustainable Landscaping Solutions

Where the work of the landscaper used to revolve around trying to tame and diminish nature, today’s savvy Landscape Construction and Maintenance Contractors instead focus on harnessing the environment’s natural rhythms to create green spaces that are resilient, vibrant, and ever-ready to thrive.

Promisingly, prioritizing sustainable landscaping solutions is one of the best ways to bring exciting new Commercial Landscaping Ideas to life. That’s why 2024 is certain to be shaped by the kinds of eco-friendly landscaping practices encouraged by The National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Think along the lines of things like water-wise xeriscaping, supporting soil health, encouraging wildlife, and actively composting—which are all handy practices if a future LEED certification is on your commercial or residential property’s wish list.

6. Gardens That Do More Than Rock Your World!

As companies become increasingly aware that exposure to nature at work boosts productivity, helpfulness, and creativity, its no surprise that commercial landscaping is evolving to become much more than a prettifying feature for employees to pass by on the way into the office.

This Corporate Campus Landscaping Company in San Jose Ca has been delighted to see increasing demand for outdoor spaces that invite greater interaction, such as scented landscapes and edible gardens.

Well-placed outdoor seating areas take summer meetings at Office and Business Centers in the Silicon Valley to an entirely new level, with employees able to enjoy the welcome presence of basil, oregano, mint, and thyme without losing focus on the task at hand.

7. Landscaping Rebates, Incentives, and Retrofit Programs

A final trend that we are happy to see is likely to continue to grow in 2024 is the presence of motivating and financially advantageous schemes to help businesses and residential properties alike improve the resilience and cost-effectiveness of their outdoor areas.

We’ve confirmed that the Santa Clara Valley Water District is proudly continuing with its irrigation equipment rebate and lawn conversion incentivization programs, and they certainly don’t stand alone in the Bay Area.

Better yet, our Water management consultants can not only advise on things like how to cut water costs now, but we can also help you navigate the various programs available in your location.

Harness the Power of Our Commercial Landscape Designers!

As a leading commercial landscape design company in San Jose Ca, FloraTerra draws on over 25 years experience to bring you an on-trend landscape design service that is second to none.

We’re proud to serve HOA properties, corporate campuses, retail mall settings, and countless other business and organization enterprises with an ever-dependable, trusted, landscaping service that prioritizes budgetary diligence and return on investment.

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