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5 Facts About Multi-Family Landscape Design That Might Surprise You

multi family landscape design

5 Facts About Multi Family Landscape Design That Might Surprise You

When it comes to multi-family landscape design, great landscaping adds a real air of luxury, don’t you think?

Whether surrounding stylish condominiums, interlacing cool corporate complexes, or setting the perfect scene for a luxurious private property, a well-designed landscape holds the power to elevate our experience ten-fold.

For those who aspire to this elegant aspect of multi family landscape design, the word “sustainability” might seem somewhat deflating. Sustainability and luxury may not be synonymous, but can they co-exist? The answer is a resounding yes!

If concerns that adopting sustainable multi family landscape practices might mean shedding some of your property’s chic credibility have been holding you back, then this is the article for you.

In truth, sustainable multi family landscape design has made leaps and bounds in recent years—so much so that not only should property developers be considering it for the boost it offers their reputation, but they should also be considering it a must for its impressive financial rewards.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the things about sustainable multi family landscape design that might surprise you, debunking some common misconceptions along the way.

1. Favoring Sustainability Doesn’t Mean Making an Aesthetic Sacrifice

When talking in commercial landscaping companies, sustainability has little to do with edible gardens or visibly recycled infrastructure—unless you want it to, of course!

Instead, sustainability suggests the intelligent practices that we incorporate to reduce water use and lessen any damaging impacts to nature.

This might mean utilizing smart irrigation systems that maximize the efficiency of H2O use, or it might mean the introduction of drought tolerant ground cover plants that reduce runoff during heavy rain.

According with the Rain Bird Corporation, “their are seven steps to drought water management”, read on to learn more”.

It may mean choosing robust native plant species that require far less chemical intervention and generally fussy maintenance.

Crucially, it means the savvy substitution of elements that will create a resilient and nature-friendly green space.

These features can easily be adopted within the most decadent of designs, ensuring that the impression giving is all about aesthetics, while the impact made is one of kindness.

2. Sustainable Multi Family Landscape Design Should Be Location-Tailored

One might imagine that sustainability in landscape design follows a pretty fixed rule book of dos and don’ts. However, when really done well, sustainable HOA landscape maintenance and design is a little more nuanced than that.

As many a keen-eyed property developer might tell you, it’s all about location—but perhaps not in the sense that you think.

For example, a stunning San Fransisco coastal garden with a view of the ocean is going to require a very different sustainability strategy to a landscaping site in the Napa Valley, and a commercial property in Santa Clara is going to have different demands once again.

While common threads such as efficient irrigation, native planting, and soil stabilization will remain universal, other aspects of the approach to landscaping should be curated to work with local weather patterns, soil type, and exposure—rather than against them.

When it comes down to a trusted commercial landscape contractor, they should be ready to explain how they are tailoring the way they meet your landscaping needs in this regard. If their approach is on par, sustainability and beautiful landscaping can always go hand in hand.

3. Your Sustainability-Focused Landscape Company Will Create Lasting Value

We mentioned water conservation, and this is certainly a big plus that should be on any property owner, manager, or developers’ radar.

Through practices such as drought-resistant planting, mulching, and using efficient watering systems that automatically adjust based on current weather patterns.

That said, your multi family landscaping contractor will actively reduce the property’s water costs, providing a speedy and continuing return on that initial sustainability-focused investment.

Taking the cost savings yet further, sustainable landscaping design offers the benefit of far lower maintenance demands. This is achieved through the creation of robust plantscapes, ground cover that reduces the need to weed, and the active prevention of impacts such as drought die-off or rain season water damage.

4. A Sustainable Landscape Design Will Perform in All Seasons

Contemporary sustainable landscape design offers the same sleek lines, sweeps of color, and textural stimulation that one might expect of an aspirational outdoor area, now gloriously combined with the aforementioned robustness and resilience, thanks to a tactical approach.

In the summer months, the landscape retains water, shade can be enjoyed, low-heat-index stonework keeps surfaces cool, and the plants chosen remain unphased by soaring temperatures.

During winter months, landscaping allows water to soak back into the soil rather than washing over its surface, preventing ground water pollution and ensuring a sharp aesthetic is safeguarded.

When these standards are combined with strategic planting for year-round interest—while the space will of course evolve—there is no season in which landscaping needs to look less than its best.

5. Sustainable Landscape Design Provides a Big Boost to Perception

While sustainable landscaping may not reveal its green credentials in appearance, there is no doubt that a little eco-friendliness goes a long way among modern consumers.

Whether commercial landscape design is enlisted on behalf of an HOA, a corporate site, a commercial center, a school or hospital—and too many other location types to mention—the choice to adopt sustainable landscaping is something that is certainly worth sharing.

Awareness of our collective environmental impacts has never been higher, and many Americans prefer very much to put their money where their mouth is in this regard.

If you are ready to transform your properties outside areas for enhanced sustainability, FloraTerra is here to provide expert guidance. From complete multi family landscape design projects for property developers to improving sustainability within existing landscaping, we are always ready to assist, advise, and implement.

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