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5 Smart Commercial Landscaping Investments to Grow a Greener ROI


Over the decades, we have learned through first-hand experience that sustainable landscaping techniques offer a powerful opportunity to drive down landscape maintenance costs and healthily bolster returns on investment.

Crucially, by working with nature—through tactics such as drought-tolerant design strategies, careful water management, and native plant selection—we are able to provide unbeatable value to our clients through beautifully verdant green spaces that readily stand up to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

As such changeable weather patterns and escalating amenity costs leave property managers looking for ways to recession-proof their commercial landscaping, we at FloraTerra are proud to be leading the charge to approach landscape design and maintenance differently.

So, what exactly do we recommend to clients aiming to make smarter landscaping investments and grow a greener ROI?

1. It’s Time to Get Smart About Water Conservation

How can commercial property owners meet Bay Area water restrictions and rising utility costs without sacrificing on their landscaping assets? The answer lies in savvy water conservation techniques, such as xeriscaping and intelligent irrigation systems.

For example, did you know that when direct-to-root drip irrigation is combined with weather-adaptive smart controllers, they can offer 90–100% efficiency?

In contrast, traditional sprinklers achieve only around 50% penetration in the baking Bay Area sun, making an investment in irrigation upgrades one that will offer a rapid return.

As accredited IA Water Sense Partners, the FloraTerra team bring a deep understanding of how to most effectively cut commercial landscape water costs.

2. It’s Time to Transition Away From Traditional Lawns

While traditional lawn areas are indeed attractive, they are not well suited to the contemporary Bay Area climate and inescapably represent a disproportionate running cost within any commercial landscape design.

The good news is that there are numerous drought-tolerant landscaping alternatives to explore, from drought-resilient grass species and ground cover plants through to attractive soil-protective surfaces decorated with climate-appropriate ornamental plants.

Not only will these substitutes shrink water costs but they can also reduce or eliminate pesticide and fertilizer use. Better yet, the FloraTerra team will also gladly walk you through any applicable Bay Area lawn replacement rebates.

3. It’s Time to Treat Your Soil as an Asset

Did you know that well-structured, nourished, and protected soil acts as an intuitive sponge? What we mean by this is that healthy soil will retain more water in dry conditions, mitigate runoff during rain season, and hold key nutrients for the benefit of its rooted inhabitants.

This makes treating soil as a valued asset a savvy move indeed for commercial landscape contractors.

To achieve this aim, we harness strategies such as mulching, aerating, hardscaping, and strategic planting to protect soil quality across your whole property.

By safeguarding this precious commodity, erosion can be avoided and landscape maintenance costs can be further minimized.

4. It’s Time to Switch Out High Water Use Plants

When it comes to the consumption of H2O, all plants are certainly not created equal. Many commercial property managers don’t realize that poor plant choices may be driving their amenity costs through the roof.

However, plant species that are naturally suited to cooler, damper climates will struggle to remain strong in the Bay Area climate without a constant flow of costly water.

What any knowledgeable commercial landscape company should be able to tell you is that there are plenty of plants far more adept at thriving in a region prone to drought.

In fact, a combination of drought-tolerant native species and plants from regions of the world with a similar climate can be used to create dream landscapes that are minimally thirsty and continue to look spectacular when the sun’s rays beat down. Partnering with an HOA landscape company that specializes in drought-resistant design will allow you to make any necessary changes before reaping the cost-saving rewards.

5. It’s Time to Brighten Things Up With Drought-Resilient Blooms

Whether your landscaping frames an HOA property, a corporate campus, or an elegant retail setting, a vibrant splash of color is sure to elevate its aesthetic.

Historically, commercial landscape companies would have met this idea with might-maintenance and short-lived displays of annual flowers. However, these days, there is a better way.

At FloraTerra, we love nothing more than introducing robust and prolifically blossoming perennial flower species to the landscapes of those who will enjoy their brightness.

With an expert awareness of blooming seasons, good planning, and intelligent placement, colorful displays can be enjoyed throughout much of the year. These seasonal flower installations offer a particular compliment to entranceways, signage, pool areas, patios, and high-traffic pathways.

FloraTerra is proud to serve as a sustainable green commercial landscape company that knows exactly how to translate eco-credentials into tangible cost savings for your commercial property.

If you are ready to take advantage of embracing tomorrow’s greener landscaping solutions today, then contact our team to learn more.

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Commercial Landscapers in San Jose

5 Tips for Exceptional Commercial Landscape Maintenance

When it comes to realizing the potential of any commercial property, partnering with a high-caliber San Francisco Bay Area Landscape Company can truly make all the difference. Whether green spaces will serve a corporate campus, retail customers, or HOA residents—to name but a few examples—there is no denying the numerous health and well-being benefits that sculpted foliage can provide.

From increasing curb appeal to boosting occupancy, well-designed and maintained commercial landscapes offer an excellent return on investment. However, certain qualities are required in any landscaping company if they are to excel on your behalf. Read on as we consider the top factors that you should be looking for exceptional commercial landscape maintenance.

1. Clear Communication

While quality of communication may not be the first pitfall that comes to mind when imagining what might let down landscaping clients, this factor is make-or-break for lasting, prosperous, and rewarding collaborations between commercial clients and their landscape maintenance contractors. As such, any potential candidate should be able to showcase:

  • Proactivity as they make recommendations and highlight future considerations
  • Responsivity as they remain on call 24/7, answer the phone, and respond to messages promptly
  • Modernity as they leverage contemporary technology to manage tasks in real-time and make communication more convenient

While landscaping may be a practice as old as time, commercial clients should certainly anticipate that their contractors will operate firmly in the 21st century. To give an example, we use cloud-based technology and a user-friendly FloraTerra smartphone app to give our clients instant access to what’s happening on—and under—the ground.

2. A Client Service Team That Cares

A landscaping company that is always only a phone call away is only useful if the person you speak to knows your property inside and out. Great professional interactions are just as much defined by long-term relationships as they are by outstanding communication.

That’s why we assign a dedicated account manager and operations manager to each of our commercial property clients. In this way, we can ensure that both the FloraTerra representative you speak to and those leading your dedicated team on-site are always familiar with your day-to-day operational requirements, preferences, and long-term goals.

These skilled and seasoned professionals will plan and coordinate every facet of your maintenance contract, ensuring that commercial landscape safety protocols are always followed, materials and equipment are to hand, teams are trained and supported, landscape health is monitored, and irrigation infrastructure is fully maintained.

3. A Wealth of Knowledge and Expertise

There is a vast difference between the know-how needed to keep a garden and the skill required to maintain exceptional commercial landscaping. Ensuring efficiency, consistency, quality, and outstanding value begins and ends with true expertise in the field of professional landscape maintenance.

Here in the Bay Area where droughts are likely to continue, a veteran company like FloraTerra can provide access to drought-tolerant landscape design architects, irrigation experts, arborists, plant health specialists, ornamental horticulturists, and much more. When partnering with a landscape company that offers a full-spectrum umbrella of services and experience, you can enjoy the confidence that the deliverables required to honor your contract agreement year-round are already in place.

4. Proactive Maintenance and Landscape Improvements

If you are keen to boost customer numbers, attract new tenants, increase property value, or reinvent your company’s public perception, your commercial landscape maintenance company should be ready and able to assist.

From show-stopping aesthetic enhancements to improving landscape safety or mitigating the impacts of foot traffic, your account manager will be able to advise on what’s possible—if your operations manager hasn’t already highlighted the opportunity. With a gold-standard commercial landscape company on speed dial, you have a pool of specialist creatives at your disposal.

5. Attention to Detail

Whether the commercial landscape in question is a brand-new installation or evolving into maturity, at FloraTerra we understand that it will be entirely unique. That’s why we base our  proposals on accurate evaluation. By getting started with a clear overview of your landscaping needs, we can set clear quality expectations and ensure that our contractor-client relationship always remains in alignment.

The FloraTerra team has proudly provided high-quality, cost-effective, and consistent commercial landscape services across the broader Bay Area since 1997. We draw upon this firm foundation as we strike the perfect balance on behalf of each of our clients, ever-keeping your ROI in clear focus. If you are ready to choose a dependable landscape maintenance partner that will exceed your expectations so that you can focus on excelling elsewhere, connect with our team today.

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Caring for Your Tree’s in a Mega Drought

HOA & Estate Landscape Maintenance


When drought strikes in San Jose and across the Bay Area, most people cast their eyes down to the drying ground. As a dedicated commercial landscaping company in San Jose CA serving this drought-prone region, we know how easy it can be for many to take their eyes off the prize, our precious trees.

While the dignified size of such beautiful specimens mean that they may not react from the drought as quickly as flowers, plants or lawns.

To that point, trees are highly vulnerable to extended periods of drought. At FloraTerra, we consider it our duty to help our customers care for these expensive assets.

Oftentimes, when we begin to see the signs of a tree in stress, we mustn’t forget it may have been engaged in a battle with the drought.

Of course, the loss of mature trees can be a tragedy, not just from a monetary point of view, but a disengaging experience for visitors, customers and corporate brands.

To safeguard against this, a commercial landscape designerISA Certified Arborist can advise on trending trees that are best suited for the Bay Area climate, especially during the initial landscape design review or renovation phase.

However, for trees that are already acclimated and in good health, there is much that can be done for (PHC) plant health care.

There are tactics, too, that we can employ to help your trees and landscape survive the drought. With that in mind, let’s explore best practices from a HOA landscape company.


As California’s temperatures begin to rise, many Condominiums, Homeowners Associations, and Commercial Facilities may not completely understand the ramifications of under watering their trees, especially during a prolonged drought.

While water conservation is important, it’s also important to remember that trees need water to survive and thrive.

Assessing what their specific H2O requirements actually calls for evaluating the age, health, species, location, and micro climate of each tree.

Young trees may need more frequent watering, perhaps once per week, especially because their root systems are not fully developed. While mature trees may be satisfied with a deep watering, perhaps once per month.

Native tree varieties will be far better adapted to the local climate, while more delicate species may need supplemental watering and care for proper acclimation.

Trees that are not fully established—which includes most varieties—will benefit from watering beyond the drip line, especially because the root system will extend wider than the canopy.

Those in wind-exposed spaces, positioned in heated micro climates and abutting structural foundations will likely have a greater demand for water.

The best way to know for sure, is to turn to a industrial landscape company that specializes in water conservation and tree care maintenance. Our Irrigation Specialists will be able to assess your site, and advise on how to provide the right amount of water—not too much, not too little, precisely the right amount.


Whether or not you are on the case with watering, it is always best to monitor for signs of stress during extended periods of drought. This is particularly important because even if drought does not appear to damage your trees, it can weaken their immunity system thus leaving them vulnerable to harmful pathogens, pest infestation, disease and potentially mortality.

Just as shrubs and common area plants will begin to suffer when under stress, your trees will show signs including wilt, leaf curl, scorch, early leaf drop (defoliation) or even loss of color.

An inspection of leaves may reveal marginal browning along the edge, interveinal chlorosis (yellowing of leaf tissue), or perhaps obvious scorching.

The foliage of evergreen species may turn yellow, red, brown or even purple. These are signals that the tree is in a defense mode to naturally protect itself from the impacts of drought and stress.

Do keep in mind that if you suspect a tree or shrub is under stress, it is best to delay the use of nitrogen-based fertilizers to prevent root burn. Also, be aware that newly planted landscaping is vulnerable to drought, needing frequent and supplemental water until the landscaping is established.

Favoring drought tolerant California-native plant species can help to prolong the risks of drought, creating more resilient landscaping over time.


When drought sets in, weed growth can slow—particularly if your landscape enjoys a highly efficient drip irrigation system from FloraTerra—creating the illusion that maintenance requires far less effort than normal.

While it may seem, there is much less commercial landscape maintenance to be performed during a drought, administering the right amount of care when the mercury rises can undoubtedly help your landscaping retain its resplendence.

Commercial Tree Service, Fremont CA


With an eye for detail, maintenance and proper pruning is still required during a drought. Broken, dead, or diseased limbs can deplete the already tapped resources.

With the best judgement of a Certified ISA Arborist, a tree that is in serious decline may be considered for removal, especially to ensure the safety of nearby pedestrians, structures, vehicles and understory targets.


Your trees will also be appreciative of timely mulch application.

In fact, the entire landscape will benefit from this excellent practice, as mulching dramatically reduces water evaporation. Just as is the case with plants in your common areas, trees don’t appreciate having mulch piled against their trunk, so go for a donut-shaped layer, rather than a molehill.

With mulch applied around the base of the tree, the water from your irrigation system is far more likely to remain in the soil. You can improve upon this by watering in the early morning or late evening when the wind and evaporation are at their lowest point.

As you can see, with a little observation and forethought, there are many ways to encourage and protect your trees and landscaping during a drought. For absolute peace of mind, why not turn to a commercial landscape company in and around the San Jose area and beyond?

commercial campus landscape maintenance service, Santa Clara CA


The FloraTerra Design Group has proudly tended to many of the Bay Area’s most prestigious commercial, retail and mixed-use properties for more than twenty-five years.

We are passionate about supporting facilities, mixed use properties, campuses, retail, resort destinations, and landscape services for condominium & homeowner associations.

Our corporate & commercial landscape service includes everything from a single building to large multi-complex campuses.

All inclusive HOA & Condominium Landscape Maintenance, landscape planning, irrigation repairs & modifications, sustainable green spaces that offer an abundance of color, drought resistant landscape design and water conservation services.



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Two Smart Tactics to Harness for Spectacular Water Wise Gardens

Modern Tactics for Water Conservation

outdoor lighting

The idea of having a water wise garden is bound to be appealing to anyone based in San Jose and the Greater Bay Area.

While our spectacular region is wonderfully fertile and ideal for creating beautiful landscaping in so many ways, water remains a scarce resource.

As drought continues to hit season after season, the costs of this precious commodity also spiral upward—a great argument for Water Efficient HOA Landscape Design & Maintenance if ever I’ve heard one.

A local and reputable commercial landscape company in San Jose will know exactly how to realize water wise gardens, and crucially, can help you get informed too.

bay area HOA Landscape Expert

The idea of water wise landscaping is all good and well, but many enthusiastic property owners feel pretty unsure about where to start.

Even if you’ve got a fairly clear notion of what the term means, how simple is manifesting a water wise garden in the first place?

Well, we’ll cover all your bases with the definition of this contemporary approach to landscaping in just a moment. But, from there, specifically for the purposes of realizing the HOA water-conserving landscape design of your dreams.

FloraTerra Design Group is here today to discuss two invaluable tactics that allow the transformation of a green space quickly and efficiently—lawn conversions and sheet mulching. If your curiosity is piqued, read on!

The Ins and Outs of a Water Wise Landscape

The premise of HOA water wise landscape design is that a taking tactical and multi-faceted approach to creating glorious landscaping can allow the beauty of a garden can be enjoyed without the hefty H20 consumption.

According with the (MWELO) Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance in California, “about half of urban water goes to water use for outdoor landscaping and irrigation”.

However, in making the shift to a water wise design, monthly utility costs can be dramatically downsized without a compromise on aesthetics. While you’re at it, Save Our Water offers great ideas to those ready to reduce their H2O footprint in a variety of other ways too.

Returning to the water wise aspect of landscaping, how is such a feat achieved? Well this approach employs things like choosing native and drought-tolerant plant species; installing and maintaining efficient irrigation; supporting soil health; and creating “hydro zones”, which are groupings of plants that have similar watering needs.

The use of ground cover plants, hardscaping, and mulching will also powerfully reduce water demands by preventing evaporation and protecting against runoff.

Of course, property owners may need a little expert guidance on how much water plants really need, or they might prefer to align themselves with a commercial landscape maintenance company ready to take on the work of keeping everything on track.

Why You Might Want to Rethink Your Lawn

There’s a reason my so many municipalities across California offer rebates to those choosing to replace their lawns. Turf is phenomenally thirsty, and requires a sizable water commitment to remain looking at its best whenever drought strikes.

Of course, the lawn itself is not the enemy, and many property owners may choose to retain some lawn—seeking advice on how to water it most efficiently in the process. from a Commercial Landscape Company in San Jose Ca.

However, switching out at least some lawn areas for water wise landscaping can mean being able to enjoy a flourishing and low-demand garden, even when the air is dry and the heat heavy.

HOA Landscape Maintenance Company in San Jose CASheet Mulching For Lawn Replacements

If you’re ready to let some of that lawn go, then sheet mulching is an ideal strategy. This cost-effective and straightforward process involves laying several layers of material over existing lawn in order to convert it into a dramatically less thirsty planted area.

Recycled cardboard is used first, creating an impermeable barrier that will prevent the grass from growing up through it. A layer of compost is applied next, and then finally a layer of mulch that will both look attractive and minimize water evaporation.

Some larger plants may be introduced before the sheet mulch is applied, while those that are smaller can be planted through the protective surface after it has been installed.

From there, property owners can enjoy the rewards of cutting the space’s water by around 50%, a downsized carbon footprint, a 70-80% reduction in runoff when the rain does return, and substantial savings on maintenance labor costs.

When drought-resilient native plant species are chosen to inhabit an area that was once occupied by lawn—such as Hummingbird Sage, Agave, and Californian Lilac.

You can be certain that the landscaping will not only look spectacular all year round, but birds, bees, and butterflies will soon begin to visit. The California Native Plant Society is a great destination for those seeking inspiration ahead of making the switch.

A Commercial Landscape Company You Can Trust

Here at FloraTerra, we take great pride in specializing in water wise landscape design and maintenance.

From installing ultra-efficient smart watering systems to reimagining conventional gardens towards their ultimate water-conserving potential; from performing water and soil audits to designing innovative water wise landscapes from the ground up.

We are always ready to serve. Discover more about how we balance aesthetics and water use, or contact our team today for an immediate consultation on how we can best meet your landscape design and maintenance needs. Our dedicated design team is ever-ready to assist.

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