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HOA & Estate Landscape Maintenance in San Jose

HOA & Estate Landscapers in San Jose

At FloraTerra Design Group, we provide specialized all-inclusive Estate and HOA landscape maintenance services in San Jose Ca. Our service is carefully curated for larger privately owned outdoor green spaces.

Our trained horticulturalists work unobtrusively throughout your property, ensuring every detail remains diligently attended to.

By using environmentally friendly electrical gardening equipment, we safeguard the tranquility of the spectacular landscapes entrusted to our care.

Meanwhile, the drought requires water wise strategies that we harness, allowing our HOA property and estate clients to enjoy reduced water costs and greater return on their strategic landscaping investments.

Our all-inclusive HOA landscape maintenance service in San Jose Ca includes naturalized pruning, prescriptive fertilization, weed control, irrigation repair service, water management, (IPM) integrated pest management, (PHC) plant health care, tree care, edible gardens, and more.

When it comes to properties that are more substantial in scale, our commercial landscape service is ready to accommodate the unique needs of multi building properties, offering more than 25 years of experience delivering landscape maintenance for homeowner’s associations, multi-family developments, and more.

Emphasis On Year-Round Beauty and the Rewards of Sustainability

At Flora Terra, we specialize in manifesting and maintaining elegant and verdant landscaping that offers value throughout the seasons.

We offer colorful landscape designs for properties that require year round flowers, as well as expert guidance on how to harness stunning native plant species for drought-resilient landscaping.

Creating abundant green spaces in the Bay Area requires a water wise approach. The incorporation of sustainability practices into our HOA landscape design, build and maintenance services allows our clients to enjoy the rewards of reduced maintenance needs, lower water costs, and ultimate peace of mind.

An Intelligent Landscape Service for Estate, Multi Family, and HOA Properties

At FloraTerra, we believe in striking a balance between working in harmony with nature and harnessing contemporary advances in technology.

Alongside our use of low-impact machinery, examples of this value in action include the FloraTerra app and web portal, which each allow our clients to communicate work orders and track the progress of their landscaping service in real time.

As a complement to our large property landscape maintenance division, we provide full-service landscape renovation that includes sustainable lawn conversions, water efficient irrigation, low maintenance garden enhancements, and drought friendly water wise landscape design.

We are also happy to advise on water use rebate schemes that may be available to our private home, estate, and larger property clients, as well as aiding those in the pursuit of LEED certification.

At FloraTerra, we are dedicated not only to excellence, but also to the support of each client’s future aspirations. Learn more.

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