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3 Qualities of an HOA Landscape Company

After decades spent working with HOA, condominium, and multi-family property managers across the Bay Area, we understand that truly excellent landscape management extends so much further than the obvious day-to-day deliverables.

Crucially, you need more than spectacular green scaping solutions designed for your unique budget. You need more than access to a spectrum of experts such as San Jose CLCA certified water managers. You need a partner that will commit fully to enhancing your property’s value and residents’ satisfaction over the years to come.

So, how can we measure or quantify this kind of HOA landscape company? Well, we have found that there are three vital qualities that many of our clients don’t always know to look out for. Your landscaping is alive and ever-changing, so your contractors must be dynamic, responsive, and highly skilled. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Communication Is Key

Without clear and consistent communication, it’s almost impossible to establish a successful working relationship. This can be said of just about any professional partnership, but within the multi-faceted realm of HOA landscape maintenance, it becomes absolutely vital.

Mutual understanding is a must for flawlessly realized landscape design. Proactivity lies at the core of efficient, cost-effective landscape maintenance. Knowing these things as we do, it’s impossible to over-emphasize the importance of flowing communication. From your first landscaping walk-through to your seasonal budget planning, you should always feel fully in the loop.

The clearest path to well-rounded expectations and timely implementation is a modern approach to communication. That’s why we utilize contemporary cloud-based proprietary software to coordinate FloraTerra teams, while our clients enjoy access to an exclusive app and online portal that allows them to request and track jobs in real-time, connect with their account management team, monitor progress, provide feedback, and so much more.

Taking this idea further, we also assign every FloraTerra HOA client a dedicated account manager and on-site operations manager. This means that all aspects of your landscape management will always be overseen by someone who fully understands your property and long-term objectives. It also means that there’ll be someone friendly and familiar at the end of the phone whenever you want to talk.

2. Service Quality is Essential

From a deep understanding of cultivating year-round curb appeal to knowing how to enhance your landscape’s drought resilience, your HOA landscape company should draw on expert knowledge and do their work with pride. This kind of quality service means tailoring solutions to each unique HOA property and delivering on every promise, every time.

Here are some of the benchmarks that we believe are integral to high-standard HOA landscape maintenance:

  • Sculptural trees and plants
  • Impeccably maintained irrigation
  • Strategic drought-tolerant landscape design
  • Immaculately mulched and weed-free beds
  • Verdant, healthy lawns and planted areas
  • Seasonal blooms and feature-specimens
  • Debris-free, hazard-free, and beautifully maintained green spaces
  • Timely and safety-conscious tree care
  • Inviting outdoor spaces that are created to be enjoyed
  • Forward-looking seasonal landscape maintenance
  • Year-round interest and appeal

To ensure that these standards are always met, we put just as much effort into cultivating a thriving employee culture as we do into the amazing creative landscapes in our care. Our people are part of the fabric of your local community, and through our company-wide shared commitment, they personally invest in your success just as meaningfully as you invest in theirs.

3. Training and Safety Standards are Vital

At FloraTerra Landscape Management, training doesn’t just mean covering the basics. It’s an ongoing process and an opportunity to ensure both the quality of our work and the sense of career progression that our impassioned team members deserve.

Alongside expertise in things like horticulture, water management, tree care, sustainability, and landscape architecture, we also place a heavy focus on safety training. This is how we continue to maintain a health, safety, and environmental track record that far exceeds industry averages. Continuing in this pursuit of excellence is our constant promise to you and the many other Bay Area HOA Landscaping Service clients.

FloraTerra Design Group is Here to Support You

Stunning landscaping is immensely powerful when it comes to boosting property values, attracting new tenants, and improving occupancy and retention. However, we know that this is only one aspect of successfully managing a prospering HOA, which is why we strive to make landscape maintenance seamless—allowing you to focus on everything else that matters.

So consider this a calling and get to know a commercial landscape company that not only shapes show-stopping green spaces but makes each client’s overarching goals our goals too. The FloraTerra team is ready and waiting to answer your landscaping questions, so why not get in touch today?

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